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Vocational Evaluation – Metro Area

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This program is intended for anyone with a diagnosed disability who is unsure of their specific job goals or career direction. We assess a person’s interests and strengths and assist them in creating a plan consistent with that assessment and their own goals. This program also serves as a way to determine what specific supports or accommodations are needed for employment success.

Evaluations are conducted in a community business in line with the person’s interests. Rise’s evaluator is able to assess a person’s general work skills and behaviors as well as the specific job skills and physical demands required for a particular type of work. This also helps an individual determine if work in this field is a good fit. People are paid minimum wage while undergoing the work assessment.

Type of Employment Opportunities

  • Retail
  • Clerical / reception
  • Production
  • Data entry
  • Food service
  • Activities (child care, senior care)
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Kathleen Voss
(763) 222-6730 


Vocational evaluations take place at partner businesses throughout the region.


Monday - Friday | 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Schedule and location of services determined by individual need.

Primary Funding Sources

  • Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Rehabilitative Services

Transportation Options

  • MTC
  • Metro Mobility
  • Self-arranged / Private / Personal

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