Tynslei contributes to Rise’s diversity and inclusion efforts

Dec 10, 2020


Tynslei Spence-Mitchell applied to Rise because she wanted to explore a career in the nonprofit sector, and over the course of her internship, she contributed meaningfully to Rise’s diversity and inclusion efforts. A doctoral candidate in public administration at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, Tynslei will graduate in May 2021.

As an intern, Tynslei created trainings, targeted employee retention models, and developed a standardized set of guidelines for Rise’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. She also created and issued diversity notifications on behalf of Rise celebrating religious, cultural, and federal holidays.

“I am most proud of the inclusion assessment that I conducted early on in my internship,” said Tynslei. “It helped me evaluate the most effective methods to connect all levels of employees, whether working remotely or in person”

Tynslei was integral to Rise’s launch of ‘Connected Thursdays,’ an area on Microsoft Teams where employees are able to learn more about one another. “Many employees seem to be receptive to connecting with one another in this forum, and I hope that it is the first of many that I am able to help implement.”

Looking ahead, Tynslei is optimistic. “This internship taught me how to apply my existing research to strategic planning and overall organizational goals. I believe that that will assist me in my career long-term.”

Written by Intern Cassidy Bins