Champion Johnathan Berg inspires positivity at nVent site

Jun 21, 2024

Johnathan Berg, a Rise team member, smiles in a selfie at his worksite.

May Champion of the Month, Johnathan Berg, joined Rise as a Direct Support Professional three years ago after several years working in group homes and in an SILS program for adults with disabilities. Johnathan currently supervises a group of Rise workers employed at our nVent site in Anoka, MN. “I have spent my whole adult life working with adults with disabilities,” Johnathan shares, “and there is no other profession like it.”

Johnathan heard about Rise while working for fellow disability service provider, Opportunity Partners. He recalls that there was “always someone in the house or on my caseload that worked for Rise, and they always seemed to enjoy the work they were doing. I wanted to be a part of that kind of positivity in individuals’ lives.”

What Johnathan loves about working at Rise

Johnathan’s favorite part of his job is interacting with the people he supports. He appreciates their kindness and dedication, noting that “they are always kind and willing to work harder than most with a mostly positive attitude.” Johnathan brings an all-too-important sense of humor and fun to the worksite. “I enjoy joking around, hearing about their day, and seeing their looks of accomplishment after a hard day’s work.” This genuine interest in getting to know the individuals he supports not only makes his job enjoyable, but also strengthens his ability to support them effectively.

It seems that Johnathan’s aptitude for work in disability services may run in the family, as his mother had a long career in the industry as well. Johnathan shares that his mom “has told me on many occasions that she is proud of the path that I have chosen because she knows it’s not an easy one all the time.”

Praise from Johnathan’s fellow team members

Colleagues at Rise have high praise for Johnathan’s dedication and positive attitude. One colleague mentioned that “Johnathan is always accountable and adaptable in all aspects of his job. He steps up to help assist his coworkers and mostly the people we support at Rise.” Another added, “Johnathan is always respectful towards others with a kind, courteous manner. He appreciates the difference in others and uses respect when discussing any concerns.”

Johnathan Berg’s Impact

Johnathan’s impact at the nVent site is significant. He takes personal responsibility for creating a positive and effective workplace. The impact of this work has a ripple effect, influencing not only the Rise team and crew at nVent, but Rise’s business partnership with the site as well. As one colleague noted, “Johnathan will always find positive solutions to problems. He always takes responsibility for his own growth and looks for ways to help better himself in his position.” When team members grow, Rise’s impact grows along with them.

Johnathan after hours

Outside of work, Johnathan enjoys playing video games, particularly Destiny 2, and reading or listening to books and short stories. He has recently been diving into the works of Edgar Allan Poe, but maintains that Harry Potter will always be his favorite.