Team Member Spotlight: Dan Lindstrom

Dec 2, 2019

Dan Team Member Spotlight

Dan Lindstrom began working for Rise in 1991 in what he thought would be a temporary opportunity while he was in between jobs. Twenty-eight years later, he is still supporting adults with disabilities as a direct support professional at Rise Cottage Grove. That’s a long “temp” job!

“It’s rewarding working with the people we serve,” says Dan. “Seeing them grow, develop skills, get more confident. They really seem to enjoy what they do and are fun people to work with.”

Rise Cottage Grove serves an average of 70 people, 40 of whom Dan supports with kindness and joy on site. In his daily responsibilities, Dan supports people as they work to earn a living, learn life skills and get to and from work with Rise transportation.

“Of the 40 people I support, I’ve served 10 of them for all my 28 years,” adds Dan. “For me, it’s all about the relationships we’ve built over the years.”

Throughout his 28-year career, Dan has seen a lot of change, but support from his employer has been a constant. “They have given me a career that I’ve really enjoyed, and I’m grateful for that.”

Outside of work Dan enjoys cheering for the Minnesota Vikings and playing World of Warcraft.

Thank you for your humble dedication, Dan! Rise is a better agency because of employees like you.