May 1, 2017

MFIP Welfare-To-Work Employment Programs Twin Cities MN

When Chantilly Lynch graduated from Minneapolis South High School in 1995, she was not exactly sure what she wanted to do next. To discover her job interests, Chantilly had the opportunity to train and work in several clerical jobs at community businesses through her school district’s Transition Plus program. Chantilly said she “really enjoyed exploring many different clerical positions.”

For the next several years, Chantilly worked at three different locations in downtown Minneapolis.She came to Rise’s Creative Partnerships South in Bloomington in 2015 to work in its Data Ability program.

“Chantilly always comes to work with a positive attitude,” said Melinda Dannley, Partnerships South’s coordinator. “Her attendance is extremely good. She’s cooperative with whatever she’s asked to do and is well-liked by her co-workers.”

One of the many tasks Chantilly does at Rise is entering new dates on client timesheets. During her five-day workweek, Chantilly enjoys talking to her co-workers and going on community outings, including her favorite, a local thrift store.

“I am contributing by helping make up the new time sheets at Rise,” Chantilly said. “I am proud to be a helper in doing this.”

Chantilly said her desired workplace would be in an office, with filing being one of her tasks. She recently participated in Rise’s Explore-Prepare-Act training. “I enjoyed learning about ways to prepare for and gets jobs in the community,” Chantilly explained.

In her free time, Chantilly likes to shop and enjoys going to movies at the Mall of America in addition to spending time with friends. “I enjoy time at home just hanging out with my parents, siblings, and three dogs and one cat,” she added. Chantilly also enjoys reading, doing word puzzles, and going to adapted yoga at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.

The activity that she most likes to do is cruising around outside and going to garage sales during the warm summer months. “I am a generally happy person,” concluded Chantilly.

This We’d Like You to Meet feature was written by Michael Sack, a data entry clerk with Rise’s Data Ability program in Bloomington. Michael loves to write and hopes to someday get a job in the communications field. He and his friend, Sam Graves, write a blog titled Two Men On.  Check it out.

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