May 25, 2016

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Posted on May 25, 2016


The Accounts Payable department on the third floor of Donaldson Company’s world headquarters in Bloomington is filled with hard-working employees who help keep this global company operational.

Patrick Loffelmacher is a key member of Donaldson’s accounting team as he processes incoming invoices and then scans them to upload into their computer system. His co-workers appreciate his accuracy, efficiency, and the timeliness in which he manages the tasks at hand.

“Patrick is very important to our overall operations,” said Karen McConnell, manager of Accounting Operations. “It’s challenging work because no two vendors are alike. We rely on him to sort incoming invoices by payment terms, prioritize them, and then scan them into the right places. He is very diligent and his quality is critical.”

With a background in customer service and survey marketing, Patrick feels well-suited for this job. He has been with Donaldson for two and a half years, and in that time, has greatly expanded his duties and responsibilities.

“I really love working here,” said Patrick. “The people are caring and friendly and I feel very much a part of the team. Every day is different – there are no two days the same and I like that. I work independently, but know I can turn to any of my co-workers if I have questions.”

About twice a month, Alexis Macaulay, a Rise placement specialist, checks in with Patrick to help ensure that all continues to go well on the job. “I know I have someone I can turn to if I have issues and that makes for less pressure on me,” he said.

Challenged, yet comfortable with his good job, Patrick would like to stay at Donaldson Company for a long time. And with the high cost of employee turnover in terms of recruiting and training, Patrick’s supervisor, Kim Lang, manager of Accounts Payable, especially appreciates his dedication as well as longevity on the job.

“Patrick is flexible and always open to learning new tasks,” Kim added. “He goes to others for additional work to do when his jobs are complete. I also rely on Patrick to help train other people on our complex system. He often has good ideas that we can incorporate into our process.”

In his free time, Patrick is finishing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota, and enjoys reading and going to movies. He is also looking forward to his second trip to New Zealand coming up later this year.

“I wanted to go somewhere south of the equator where they speak English,” Patrick said. “New Zealand is really a great place.”

With manufacturing plants, laboratories, and technical centers located in 44 countries around the world, Donaldson Company has been a global leader of filtration systems since 1915.

Rise Sales and Marketing Representative John Nielsen noted, “The partnership with Donaldson’s Accounts Payable Department has really gone well. We are interesting in partnering with other parts of their business when opportunities present themselves.”

This article appears in the June 2016 issue of the Rise Reporter.

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