Story 21 – Jessi DuVall

May 4, 2022

Jessi DuVall - 20

A 15-year Rise team member, Jessi DuVall works as a program manager for our community-based training and employment program and sensory program serving people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing at our Spring Lake Park location.

“My favorite thing about my job is just getting to see people happy with their services and maybe learning new things they might not thought they could do or finding a competitive position in the community if that’s what they are looking for. Seeing them have success is really rewarding,” she said.

Because DuVall has been part of Rise’s sensory job placement program since its early days, she says many of her most memorable moments involve assisting people she has served in finding community placement jobs. “It was just wonderful seeing people find positions they love rather quickly and know those people have continued to be employed in competitive positions in our community,” she says.

In addition to learning American Sign Language (ASL), DuVall says has discovered more about disability services and supports available to people, even if she doesn’t work directly in a specific area. Her knowledge helps her stand out as an advocate to both Rise and to people we support.

“It does mean a lot to know that I’ve been able to positively impact people. They do the work, and they do with it takes, but we’re able to provide the support to bring it all together,” she said.