Story 20 – Rob Flood

Apr 28, 2022

Rob Flood-20

Rob Flood has discovered a talent no one, including himself, knew he had.

After pushing carts in the Fridley Home Depot parking lot the past two years, manager Matt Fox moved Flood inside in December to work cash registers. The change was brought on by a post-pandemic cashier shortage. It was not Flood’s regular role, but that quickly changed.

“It was instant after the first week,” Fox said. “He was very good at it, and I told my boss, ‘We’re not moving Rob off the registers.’”

That’s because Rob has knack for pitching Home Depot credit cards to customers. Many retailers sell branded credit cards to loyal customers, offering all sorts of perks. The task often falls on cashiers as they check out customers finishing up their shopping.

Flood says the percentage off an opening purchase is what customers find most attractive. “I ask every customer,” he says.

During his first week cashiering, one card turned into two, then three, then more. “I am very competitive. My personality is just about the strategy and being able to get a number on the board,” he says.

His initial numbers first made Flood a stand-out at his store. Now he’s a leading Twin Cities cashier. When April ends, Flood will have been the top-seller in the district for three consecutive months.

“I used to compete with another person in the store, but now I’m competing with the district and the region. It’s more competitive for me to do it that way” Flood says.

He enjoys the competition among other workers—many who work substantially more than his 24 hours per week. His store goals have grown, but Flood has his own aspirations too. He plans to eventually be tops in the region.