Story 19 – Kevin Whitley

Feb 4, 2022

Kevin Whitley at work

Kevin Whitley is known at Rise for his strong work ethic and positive outlook. He came to our Spring Lake Park location for services in 1979 and has held a variety of jobs both on our production floor and in the community. Now back at Spring Lake Park doing center-based work, Whitley arrives each day ready to begin his work.

“I just do the best I can at what I do and do a good job,” he said. “Because when people buy their product at the store, they want all the pieces together at the store and in the right way.”

An advocate of Rise who is proud of his independence through the years, Whitley is also kind-hearted and enjoys his personal time with friends too.

“I like to bowl, I’m not very good. I like to go out with my girl when I get the chance, but lately I haven’t gotten the chance. And I like to keep myself in shape, if possible,” he said.

His coworkers say he’s quick to smile and known for his sense of humor. And after more than 40 years of successful working relationships, he has this advice for his coworkers: “Get to know the people you’re working with who are around you and work together as a team. Do the best you can at the job you’re at.”