Story 12 – Becky Rother

Dec 8, 2021

Becky Rother 50 Stories

Having spent much of her career working with Rise, Becky Rother has supported the extraordinary accomplishments of the people we serve, which after two decades working at Rise, is what she continues to call the most rewarding aspect of her job. “Seeing people we serve thrive and achieve their goals is really the most important part of the work that I do,” Rother says.

Rother has worked in our day training, mental health, and housing programs. She is currently our director of quality assurance. Rise’s person-centered does more than allow the people we serve to explore new personal and professional opportunities, it also nurtures team members, like Rother, as their jobs change and grow into thriving careers.

“I love to learn. I’ve been given a lot of opportunities within Rise to learn new programs and just be part of the overall mission with Rise.”

The accomplishments of the people we serve and our teams are on display each year at our annual Celebrate Rise Gala. Rother says the Gala is among her favorite and most memorable moments each year because we all come together to celebrate and support the work and the advocacy of Rise.