Rise Team Member Spotlight: Lorrie Castillo

Mar 20, 2019

Rise Team Member Spotlight: Lorrie Castillo

Supporting others is at the very heart of who Lorrie Castillo is — and that’s why she loves her work as a direct support professional (DSP) at Rise. In this position, Lorrie works to help ensure that people served at Rise Cottage Grove have the services they need to achieve their own personal measures of success.

Lorrie’s DSP job duties are wide-ranging and include providing person-centered planning, vocational training, and support services. She also drives people to and from work in a Rise van and coordinates community outings.

“I enjoy assisting others,” Lorrie says. “The key for me is always treating everyone exactly the way I want to be treated.”

For Lorrie, every day on the job comes with new challenges and excitement. Working collaboratively with her Rise team members, Lorrie helps create a welcoming environment so that each person’s needs and interests are met.

Lorrie does the work of supporting others quite naturally, and in fact, it was her passion for helping people that led to her to join the Rise team.  Lorrie comes from a large family and grew up caring for her two sisters and her niece, all three of whom use Rise’s services. For several years, she attended their annual interdisciplinary support team meetings, and one day, a case manager asked Lorrie if she’d be interested in working there. She filled out an application and got the job. Seven years later, she still loves her work and is a proud member of the Rise team.

Her personal experience contributes to Lorrie thriving on the job at Rise. She establishes lasting relationships with people every day, getting to know each person’s interests and needs, and continually building trust.

Although every day is jam-packed, Lorrie does find time for herself, “You have to make time to take care of yourself, or else you won’t be able to keep caring for others.” She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and three dogs. She especially likes being outdoors and looks forward each year to family camping trips.

Lorrie is dedicated to being there for the people at Rise Cottage Grove. When they need assistance with a certain task, or just someone to talk to, she is there for them. Having fun together is important, too, and Lorrie enjoys bantering back and forth. Her passion for this work enables her to shine in her role as a direct support professional at Rise.

Rise is proud to have passionate individuals like Lorrie helping us carry out our important mission.

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