Jun 10, 2014

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Posted on Jun 10, 2014


With their employees turning out a home freezer every ten seconds, employees in the Electrolux Major Appliance (EMA) Freezer Division need to have all the right parts at their fingertips. They rely on Rise workers to subassemble several of the components and meet their high quality standards.

Each work day, about 40 people at Rise’s Spring Lake Park production facility assemble several different freezer components, including seven different fan motors, seven frost-free controls, one cold control, two fan shrouds, and two drain pans. Averaging more than 6,000 units each day, in April alone, Rise workers completed a total of 128,350 pieces to be shipped back to the Electrolux plant in St. Cloud.

Even more impressive than the numbers of components produced, however, is the quality score EMA assesses the Rise team for its work. For instance, in the first quarter of 2014, it was 98.9%! Electrolux’s Supplier Scorecard measures several operational performance metrics to come up with its rating.

Those working on the various Electrolux lines are proud of their work and look forward to the Scorecard being posted each month so they can check their work results.

“The Electrolux work is great because so many people of varying skill levels get to work on the contract,” said Michele Warren, Rise’s production manager. “Some of the Electrolux assembly is quite complex, so people have had to learn to read spec sheets, procedure listings, and schedules – even how to palletize the products and prepare for shipping. Electrolux has exceptionally high standards for quality and on-time delivery, and we are proud to consistently meet Electrolux’s performance requirements.”

“We’re really good at Electrolux,” said Shawn Lovejoy of Rise’s Brain Injury Connections program. He is part of a finely tuned assembly team working together to produce fan motors. “There’s a certain order we have to do things in and then we check the quality before we send it back to Electrolux.”

Rise and Electrolux have been working together since August 2009, noted Rise’s Sales & Marketing Representative Nancy Hoff.

“We are fortunate to work with some talented people at EMA who take time to help us understand their processes, updates and forecasts to do our job well,” said Nancy. “The work we do for EMA not only brings variety and new skills to the table, but promotes a sense of pride and dedication.  With trucks showing up daily, we have to be ready – and we are!”

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