Apr 12, 2017

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Posted on Apr 12, 2017


Based on an intensive, three-day survey conducted by four CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) surveyors, Rise was awarded its eleventh three-year certification, the highest level of accreditation.

Surveyors thoroughly examined and evaluated all aspects of the agency, including Rise’s management system, employment programs and services, production procedures, funding sources, and administrative organization to assess its compliance with CARF’s international standards of performance.

Surveyors also interviewed Rise board members, staff, parents and guardians, people we serve, employers, community volunteers, and business associates regarding Rise’s services.

Of the 1,200 program service standards the CARF surveyors assessed, they had only two recommendations to make.

In their final report, surveyors complimented Rise for its outstanding leadership, as well as its governance policies, strategic planning, code of ethical conduct, and its ability to manage funds and maintain a stable financial position.

CARF noted that Rise’s “services are clearly person-centered and focused on the needs and desires of each person served. Rise is known for being innovative and flexible in its approach to service provision.”

“CARF accreditation gives the people we serve confidence that an independent monitoring system is in place which is specifically concerned about their best interests,” said Rise President Lynn Noren.

“The community can be assured of Rise’s accountability and high-level performance,” she added. “We are proud of the services we offer and congratulate our hard-working team members for their efforts in carrying out Rise’s important mission so professionally and effectively.”

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