Mikros Engineering offers wide range of career opportunities

May 22, 2019


With Minnesota’s current unemployment rate hovering around three percent, businesses in all sectors often find it challenging to hire enough qualified workers to keep their operations running smoothly.

So that’s why Johnathan Milks, the Human Resources director at Mikros Engineering, Inc., says it exceptionally helpful when Rise’s Employment Consultant Amber Barnes calls to tell him, “I think I have someone who would be a great fit for your company!”

“Of course, I can’t make Johnathan a 100-percent guarantee,” said Amber. “But by the time I call him with a recommendation, I already know the person has the interest, the skills, and the motivation to work at Mikros.”

Located in Brooklyn Park, Mikros has provided custom injection molding, insert molding, over-molding, tooling, assemblies, and prototypes to companies throughout the world since 1962. Mikros has a wide range of career opportunities, from original product design to the finishing work.

Marci Jasper from Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services made the first contact with Mikros a few years ago, laying the groundwork for this mutually beneficial working partnership Johnathan and Amber have.

“We have hired several people through Rise and realize that what they bring to the job is dependability, capability, and a willingness to work hard,” said Johnathan. “We have a pretty diverse workforce and each person is valued for their contributions.”

Johnathan noted that Mikros managers and employees do most of the on-the-job training for new employees themselves. Amber may offer some follow-up support services, if necessary, but Mikros’s employees tend to work as a team and support each other. Meet some of them:

Following his auto accident Momo Sackie (shown here) had a hard time finding work. But with his experience in production, he finds working at Mikros to be “the best. Everyone is cool and we work as a team,” he said. “I like doing different jobs almost every day.”

Hunter Bjorkstrand has worked at Mikros for just over a year and has already had several different jobs in the large manufacturing plant, each one with increased responsibility. His supervisors have allowed him to try out different jobs so Hunter has worked as a machine operator, a grinder, and a recycler.

“I like to move around a lot and have gotten to know many people here,” said Hunter. “They trained me in on all these jobs. I enjoy it and these are really good people to work with.”

Kit Carlson worked for many years for a local lawn service company, but was happy to find a new job that was a little less physically demanding. He works the second shift at Mikros, which not only gives him “nice, steady work,” but enables him to also do metal scrapping during the day. Kit likes the variety of the work and his supportive Mikros co-workers.


This article appears in the June 2019 issue of the Rise Reporter.