Linda’s enjoying work ‘to the max’ at Stillwater TJ Maxx

Aug 20, 2019


For those who enjoy a fun shopping adventure, it’s hard to top a trip to a TJ Maxx store with its wide range of interesting products at affordable prices and great customer service.

Linda Ackerknecht has been part of the team at the TJ Maxx store in Stillwater for more than four years. Having spent most of her career in retail, including Dayton’s (which then became Macy’s), Victoria’s Secret, and J.C. Penney’s in Maplewood Mall, Linda finds this store to suit her skills and interests.

She works primarily in the changing rooms assisting customers there. Since she has had such extensive experience in most aspects of retails sales, though, she’s happy to help out in other departments or on the sales floor.

“Linda is someone we look forward to working with; she is always smiling and enjoying her time at work,” said Assistant Manager Jennifer Gow. “Linda has a great relationship with the customers and often receives compliments from them. Linda is a role model as to what excellent customer service is! No matter how busy she gets, she stays positive and upbeat. We are luck to have her as part of our team. TJ Maxx would not be the same without Linda!”

“My co-workers are very nice and the customers are really friendly; I enjoy chatting with them when they come in,” said Linda. “I work different shifts so I get to meet a lot of people.”

A graduate of White Bear Lake High School (“Go, Bears!”), Linda moved to Stillwater about eight years ago and received job placement services through Rise (then ESR). Employment Consultant Denise Gibson follows up with Linda a few times each month.

“Denise’s support is very helpful,” said Linda. “I know I can talk to her and run things past her to get a different perspective on things.”

Linda lives less than a mile from TJ Maxx in a cozy apartment and takes Metro Mobility to and from work. In her free time, Linda enjoys reading her favorite authors, Stephen King and Debbie Macomber.

The middle child with two brothers, Linda likes spending time with her family, especially visiting her niece who is attending college in nearby Winona and taking in the younger kids’ soccer games.

This article appears in the September 2019 issue of the Rise Reporter.

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