Laura Burke, Employment Consultant, February 2020

Mar 21, 2020


Laura Burke’s co-workers say that “she doesn’t just help people find jobs, but long-term success!”

It was also noted that, “Laura is inspiring to work alongside! She is talented, compassionate, and effective. Laura seamlessly integrates Person Centered Thinking and motivational interviewing techniques into her work, to the benefit of her persons served.

Further, in her job development efforts, she is organized, keeps people’s goals in mind, sets boundaries, and tirelessly advocates for each person with whom she works. She embodies commitment, trustworthiness, honesty, humility, and goes above and beyond for every person that we serve.

Her fellow team members say that Laura always has a smile on her face and is focused on the positive. She makes excellent employer contacts and always shares the leads with her coworkers. Laura is truly an asset to the team- from her positive outlook, to her willingness to jump in and help.

Laura started working at Rise in December 2018. She enjoys building long-term relationships with the people she serves and finds interesting to see how people develop over time.

“Work often has a ripple effect, impacting all aspects of a person’s life,” said Laura, “so it is exciting to witness both professional and personal growth!

“I am proud to work for an organization that is truly person-centered. Rise also provides many opportunities for training and continued learning so employees are up-to-date on industry standards, local resources, and best practices. This allows us to keep growing as professionals and better serve people.”

In her free time, Laura likes to spend time with her husband; play the violin; and watch Jeopardy. Two years ago, she even attended a screen test and tried out for the show!