Jennifer Bracht enjoys big wins of people she supports

Aug 2, 2022

Jennifer Bracht smiles in front of a white wall wearing a black and blue floral shirt.

Coon Rapids Supervisor Jennifer Bracht came to Rise during college. She was interested in working with people who had employment barriers while finishing her undergrad practicum. She never left!

“I enjoy Rise because I enjoy the different programs we offer to support people who have a variety of needs,” Bracht said.

Jennifer started in Anoka County billing and quickly picked up more tasks. She’s now a subject matter expert for the CSE Team. “I know I can always count on Jennifer to complete her billing correctly and timely,” says a colleague. “She teaches coworkers correct VRS billing in a way that they can understand.” She was recently promoted from her Employment Consultant position.

For Bracht, success is even sweeter outside of the office. Her most memorable experiences include big wins for people she supports. “I worked with someone who had never worked competitively. We spent three weeks job coaching and they struggled to catch on. Within six weeks they increased to full-time work, and just over a year later, they are a go-to employee,” she said.

Many of the people Bracht supports have not considered competitive employment previously, and some didn’t think it was an option for them. Bracht enjoys watching their growth as they transition away from in-center or site work. She sees more than just an increase in skills, though. People become independent advocates for themselves.

“I’m also proud of finding competitive employment for people who have multiple barriers,” she said. “That includes the steps it takes to secure employment like skill-building, thinking outside the box for positions that can be customized for them, creating relationships with future employers, supporting them while onboarding, and following up. Seeing them change with their personal and professional growth after successful employment is rewarding.”

Outside of Rise, Bracht is a high school and club fastpitch softball coach. When she’s not on the field, you might find her camping, traveling, and fishing year-round.