Jaime Richards advocates for herself at work and at home

May 16, 2018

Vocational Rehabilitation Services Lady in Glasses

Jaime Richards always seemed to know just what she wanted and then advocate for herself to reach her goals.

Jaime first started working in Rise’s Day Training and Habilitation Sensory Support program in 2014 and very soon afterward began defining her career path.

Following her interest in computers, Jaime started practicing typing at home. She further honed her clerical skills by working as a data entry clerk in Rise’s Data Ability program. She found that she thrived in this kind of work and just like that, Jaime had her eye on the next prize. She was ready for a competitive job in her community.

Jaime began working with Placement Specialist Sara Gustafson, and together, this pair of advocates went into high gear to find the perfect workplace for Jaime.

Today Jaime enjoys working at Premium Waters in Minneapolis. Given her solid work ethic and acquired skills, it took Jaime just two quick weeks to learn her job duties of scanning and data entry. She enjoys her own work space and has won over the confidence of her supervisor, Carrie Lawell, as well as the liking of her co-workers.

“Based on her work ethic, Jaime is never going to lose her job at Premium Waters and can work here as long as she wants to,” Lawell said. “She is excellent at her job and fun to work with.”

Filled with confidence and happiness from mastering her new job, Jaime fulfilled another dream of hers of living in her own place. In June 2017, Jaime moved into a group home where she lives with three roommates. In her free time, She enjoys going out to eat, going to movies, and shopping.

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