DSP Rosario Lorenzo named October, 2021 Champion of the Month

Dec 8, 2021

Rosario Lorenzo October 2021 Champ

Rosario Lorenzo came to Rise two years ago to work as a Direct Support Professional (DSP). Before Rise, Lorenzo worked with adults with disabilities at a nonprofit organization in Illinois, as well as in a children’s group home. Since starting at Rise, she has quickly established herself as a great asset to the team.

One coworker noted that Lorenzo never runs away from a difficult situation; she starts her day off in a positive manner and is always ready to assist staff with whatever they need. They note that she is a team player and is extremely adaptable in traveling to different Rise locations to help out wherever she is needed. Overall, Lorenzo provides a tremendous amount of emotional support to the people she serves, and you can see just how grateful she is to work at Rise in everything that she does.

Lorenzo said there are many reasons why she enjoys working at Rise. First, she believes the company is great and well organized. She enjoys the company-wide efforts to remain person-centered at all times. Additionally, Lorenzo is grateful to work with so many great staff members. As a floating DSP, Lorenzo has the opportunity to travel to multiple Rise locations and work with many different team members. She enjoys the opportunity to be able to meet different staff members and persons served.

When asked what she is most proud of, Lorenzo responded that she is very proud to have been nominated for Champion of the Month.

During her time outside of Rise, Lorenzo enjoys playing and watching soccer, cooking, music, dancing, going on long walks, watching movies, and spending time with her family.