Champion Tim Fahey’s adaptability is essential amid staff shortage

Oct 23, 2023

Tim Fahey, a lead DSP at Rise Crystal, poses in front of a blue wall. He wears a green printed shirt and glasses.

October Champion of the Month, Tim Fahey, has been with Rise for just under seven years. He currently works as a Lead Direct Support Professional (DSP) at our Crystal location. For most of his 40-year career in disability services, Tim has worked in residential settings. In 2016, friends encouraged him to apply for a position at Rise – he has been an essential member of our team ever since.

“My interactions with the people at Rise are always the highlight of my day,” Tim shares. “The people I work with teach me so much and I constantly find new ways to support people.” Colleagues share that Tim is helpful, knowledgeable, and respectful. One team member shares that he is a “big part” of the work that happens at Rise Crystal.

Tim’s adaptability has been especially helpful during a recent staffing shortage. Much of his time as of late has been used to cover for a vacant Licensed Practical Nurse position, which was recently filled– something his colleagues share immense gratitude for. His willingness to jump into multiple roles with ease makes him an indispensable part of the Crystal team.

When asked about what he’s most proud of during his time at Rise, Tim shared an anecdote about a notorious run-in with an injured hawk in our Crystal building:

“Last year towards the end of August, we had a door open to our patio area. A team member found me and said we had a ‘wounded hawk’ on the other floor. I grabbed a towel and went to see. There was a hawk standing on a table. I went to my car, got a pair of thick gloves, returned, walked up to the hawk, put the towel over it and simply carried it outside. This was a first for me!”

Outside of work, you can find Tim enjoying a good book.