Champion Jacki Fitzsimons goes above and beyond

Jan 10, 2024

Jacki Fitzsimons, a white woman with long brown hair, wears a headband and sweatshirt. She smiles for the camera.

December Champion of the Month, Jacki Fitzsimons, has worked as a Rise Direct Support Professional for nearly two years. Prior to joining Rise, she worked as a pre-k teacher at a daycare, where she often worked with children with disabilities. Jacki’s love of working with people eventually led her to Rise, where she is widely regarded as a kind, reliable, and dedicated team member.

“I love and adore all of the persons served that I work with,” Jacki shares. “I like that I get to enrich their lives. It is my goal every day to make every person I encounter smile and laugh.” A goal she often accomplishes, according to fellow DSPs at Rise Anoka.

Jacki’s colleagues say that she often goes above and beyond for the people she serves, even making custom birthday cards for persons served and team members in her spare time. One team member shares that “Jacki has the biggest heart I have seen at this job. She makes sure everyone’s happiness comes first.” Jacki’s colleagues also notice her dedication to creating fun new experiences for persons served, often taking time to help the activity planner develop fun activities, projects, and outings for everyone.

Outside of work, you can find Jacki spending time with her significant other and two sons, reading books, going to the movies, and indulging her creative side by making artwork. “I am very creative and love trying new things,” she shares, “I love everything Nightmare Before Christmas and Halloween!”