Champion Dan Lindstrom embraces change with kindness and dedication

May 8, 2024

Dan Lindstrom smiles for the camera

March Champion of the Month, Dan Lindstrom, has been a dedicated Rise team member for over thirty years. He brings a background in social services to his role; following the recent transition of employment services to community settings, Dan’s position has shifted from the production floor to a life enrichment setting. His colleagues have noted his adaptability, passion, and dedication during this transition.

Dan’s passion for his work shines when he interacts directly with the people he supports. Fellow team members note that Dan consistently treats persons served with the utmost respect, going above and beyond to help them care for themselves and reach their goals.

Dan’s reliability and positive attitude are widely recognized among his peers. As one colleague mentioned, “Dan is very respectful and kind to staff and persons served. He is very accountable and always at work on time.” When he arrives at work in the morning, Dan often takes extra time to set up the space for the rest of the team. He has been known to manage any voicemails that are left and pass the information off to the right people first thing, allowing his colleagues to have a smooth and seamless morning.

Dan’s team holds him in high regard, praising his professionalism and kindness. One colleague shared, “He switched from the production side to life enrichment activities with ease and helped everyone else to transition as well.” Dan is also “well known in more than one location because of his great interactions with both our persons served and staff. He is always professional and kind.”

Outside of work, Dan enjoys fishing and gaming.