CBTE Support Specialist Amanda Biorn, November 2020

Dec 3, 2020


Amanda assists her CBTE co-workers in many ways, including filing, scheduling WIOA meetings for people served, and helping provide remote services for people currently being served at home.

Amanda excels with organizational skills and is thorough and efficient, making certain all required paperwork and documentation are in people’s files so Rise’s CBTE program is ready for any type of audit.

Her teammates say that Amanda always comes to work with a smile and a positive attitude; she is hard working and eager to help in any way.

“I love the people we support and Rise’s

mission,” said Amanda. “People with disabilities rely on our organization and I am proud to work for a company that is dedicated to supporting them.

“The best part of my job is being able to support people, whether it’s behind the scenes or face-to-face. I have gotten to know so many people which makes me feel really connected to Rise.

“I am most proud of the relationships I have formed with coworkers,the people we serve, and their support team members. I am happy to assist anyone with tasks or questions they have and am grateful that my coworkers feel comfortable coming to me.”

Before starting her career at Rise, Amanda worked retail and went to school for criminal justice. In her free time, she enjoys camping and being on the water (or “pontooning” as her son calls it) swimming and tubing. Amanda also likes to cook and spend time with her family.