We offer a number of ways for your business to partner with Rise. One way is to become a Community Evaluation Site;  our Rise staff can bring an individual to learn more about his or her work skills through real-world job experiences.

Rise and the State of Minnesota offer paid work experiences or a vocational evaluation to eligible job-seekers looking to enter or re-enter the workforce. With this partnership, Rise provides your business with a short-term worker and a Rise staff to supervise to ensure quality work. There is no obligation to hire the person and Rise pays the worker minimum wage; you are not responsible for any payroll activity. If, however, you find that the person is a good fit for an open position and would like to consider them for employment, you are free to proceed!

You can read more about becoming an evaluation site by checking out some of our frequently asked questions below. If you are interested in reading more about the importance of our community business partners, read this Rise Reporter article about Rise’s expanded community work site evaluations.

We are looking to partner with all types of businesses, both small and large, in a variety of settings. We will meet with you to determine how this service can specifically benefit you.

The person performing the work will be closely supervised by a Rise employee. The Rise staff will first be trained in accordance to your businesses standards and expectations to ensure that the work is done correctly.

Approximately ten to fifteen days, two to six hours a day. We customize them to fit both the person’s needs and yours.

During normal work hours. Specific shift times can vary based on the needs of the individual and your business’s needs.

We can fill in the gaps that your business may have! For example: • Deep-cleaning (things that regular janitorial services charge extra for) • Janitorial • Scanning and filling projects • Data entry • Mailings • Food prep • Food serving • Dishwashing • Dining room attendant • Stocking • Construction helper • Landscaping helper • Reception • Assembly • Packaging • Customer service • Organizing a retail sales floor • Activities aide (child care, senior care)

• Your business gets an extra set of hands to assist in the workload. • You get the satisfaction that comes with helping an individual gain additional work skills. • Your business will benefit from the positive PR associated with partnering with Rise.

There are no risks! Rise handles the entire compensation process, including wages, insurance, and Workers Compensation coverage. Your business reserves the right to end the evaluation / work experience at any time, for any reason.

Contact Dan Meyers at 612-877-1217 or email at dmeyers@rise.org. He can answer your questions and would be happy to set up a tour of your business and schedule an informational meeting.

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