Mike Steffen enjoys camaraderie working at TWO great jobs!

Mar 26, 2020


By Advancement Intern LeeAnna White

On a typical Wednesday, Mike Steffen would be hard at work making sure the Lift Bridge Brewery in Stillwater is ready for its usual influx of thirsty guests coming in to enjoy their wide range of craft beer offerings.

But as we all well know, life at work, at home, and in our social life has changed quite a bit for an indefinite period.

One thing hasn’t changed, though, is Mike’s commitment to making sure he does a great job which Co-Owners Brad Glynn and Dan Schwarz appreciate.

A kind man and hardworking employee, Mike enjoys being able to help keep the place clean and spotless for both the employees and their taproom guests for when they come in to enjoy a good time.

After graduating from Stillwater High School in 2006. Mike started his journey with Rise in June 2009.

With career planning and job development assistance from Employment Consultant Patty Thurk, Mike started working part time at Lift Bridge Brewery in September 2011.

“Mike’s pride for his work here is infectious,” said Brad. “Everyone at Lift Bridge appreciates having Mike as a co-worker and a friend. He is a hard worker, but also, we enjoy talking sports over lunch with him!”

During Mike’s eight and a half years working at the brewery, he’s made many friends including a best friend whose name is also Mike. (What are the odds?!) He loves getting to know his co-workers and going to lunch with them, especially at one of his favorite spots, Taco Johns. In fact, having friendly, supportive co-workers, and great people to work with is one of his main reasons Mike enjoys both his jobs.

In addition to his work at Lift Bridge, two days a week, Mike works at YMCA in Stillwater, where he holds a similar janitorial position.

Employment Consultant Denise Gibson continues to provide follow-up support services to Mike to help ensure he stays successful at both jobs. Mike talks with her once or twice a week to address any work-related issues he may have at either of his job.

“Denise’s support is very helpful to me” said Mike. “I like that I can always talk to her.”

“Mike is very polite and such a pleasure to work with,” said Denise. “It is fun to hear him promote all the different beers and talk about what foods they go best with. During our visits, he always encourages me to stop back in after work to pick up a growler to go!”

When Mike isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his sister who recently moved three houses down from him. He helps her out by mowing the lawn or with any other tasks she might need done around the house. For fun, Mike likes going to the movies, bowling, and playing basketball.

Mike clearly loves his work — at both Lift Bridge Brewery and the YMCA — and we are proud to support him in his career.

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