Sue Featherly, DTH Follow-Up Specialist, July 2018

Mar 21, 2020

Sue Featherly

Sue Featherly’s team mates were verbose in their respect and admiration for her as she nears her 30th anniversary at Rise. Two of her nominators said: “Sue treats the people she serves with respect, kindness, and
understanding of each individuals special and unique needs. She improves their lives by finding out what kind of life and livelihood the person truly wants — what will make them happy — and then works with them so they can achieve it under their own steam.”

Another said: “People know they can count on Sue as she is always there when needed, and goes out of her way to give consistent professional service. She is an excellent listener, collaborator, and advocate.”

Sue says: “What I like best is assisting and empowering people to become more independent — going from working at a site into a competitive job or living at home to moving into their own apartment. To think I might have a small part in enriching someone’s life actually enriches my life.”

In her free time, Sue belongs to a Walking Challenge group that donates money to Make a Wish Foundation. She walks 3,000 miles a year! Sue is doing her second 26.2-mile walking marathon in September. An avid baker, Sue creates fabulous birthday cakes for her four grandchildren. Whatever they want — ninja turtle, princess dress, soccer balls, beach balls, hockey cakes — Grandma can make it!

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