Mar 27, 2017

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Erik Lindman is a man on the move at Creative Partnerships North in Crystal where he has received day training and habilitation services for the past six years.

Erik, who will be 41 in May, is an industrious guy and loves to help with whatever he can — always doing so with a big smile. A mainstay of the team that collects office paper at Cummins Power Generation in Fridley each week, Erik and his co-workers bring it back for others to help with its shredding and recycling. Erik also enjoys vacuuming and helps keep the front offices and meeting spaces clean and tidy.

Creative Partnerships North is a busy place and in addition to work, Erik enjoys the many on-site activities. He especially likes Friday music jams, baking class, watching movies, and playing picture bingo. Erik’s favorite community activities include visiting an apple “farm,” bowling, going out to eat (especially Burger King and Wendy’s), and the annual trek to the Minnesota State Fair.

Erik lives in a group home and before he goes to work on Thursday mornings, he has a private, adaptive swimming at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Golden Valley with his mom and group home attendant cheering at poolside.

Erik spends most weekends with his mom Linda at her apartment near the North Loop. Together they love to make elaborate pancake breakfasts. Linda calls her son “Chef Erik” because he likes to watch TV cooking shows. “He really has creative ideas for combining flavors and ingredients,” she noted. “Erik loves to use every small appliance I have that makes noise, but I don’t mind because he helps come up with great dishes AND puts them all away when we’re done!”

Among his passions, Erik also loves to dance and serve as disk jockey with his mom’s extensive CD collection. They enjoy going to concerts and plays; The Lion King and Mamma Mia are two of his all-time favorite productions.

Linda and Erik also enjoy window shopping and stopping in the many unique stores found in the North Loop. “The shop owners love to see him come,” Linda added. “Erik helps greet customers and spreads his special blend of love and cheer wherever he goes.”

Having lived for 26 years in Northern California, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was one of Erik’s special places, and the word “bridge” is one of his favorite words to say. His mom says, “I think Erik helps ‘bridge’ the gap of people’s awareness of those who have disabilities. He is a blessing to many.”

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