Housing Stabilization Services

Finding and sustaining stable housing

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Make a Plan

A housing consultant helps develop a person-centered plan if you don't have MA case management.

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Find Stable Housing

A housing transition services provider helps you plan for, find, and move into housing.

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Keep Stable Housing

A housing sustaining services provider helps you keep housing after moving in.

What is Housing Stabilization Services?

This program assists people who have a serious mental illness or other disabling condition in making a smooth transition into stable housing through person-centered support services.

Support services provided as part of this program:

  • Develop your Housing Focused Person-Centered Plan
  • Get ready for, find, and move into stable housing
  • Learn the skills you need to sustain housing after moving in

Primary Funding Sources

  • Medical Assistance

Transportation Options

  • Self-arranged/Private

Services available in these counties

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Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Schedule and location of services determined by individual need.

How to Apply

Step 1

Get an assessment from...

  • A mental health professional, nurse practitioner, or doctor
  • A certified assessor (with a MnCHOICES assessment)
  • A senior care coordinator, or
  • A coordinated entry assessor

Step 2

Make a Person-Centered Plan

If you have a MA-wavier case manager, senior care coordinator, or targeted case manager, they will help you update your plan to include Housing Stabilization Services.

If not, you can get help making a Housing Focused Person-Centered Plan from a registered housing consultant. 

Contact our partner, Therapeutic Services Agency, to speak with a registered housing consultant.

Step 3

Get Approved

Your assessment, proof of disability, and person-centered plan are sent to the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) for approval.

No matter who helps you with your person-centered plan, you get to decide which provider will help you with housing transition and housing sustaining services.

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Program - Housing Stabilization Services

Rise only provides housing services in these counties. If you live in a different county, please visit https://mn.hb101.org/ for resources.
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