Patty Thurk retires after stellar, rewarding career

Jul 29, 2020


After an interesting and rewarding career path of her own, Patty Thurk retired from Rise on July 31. In her 14 years as an employment consultant, Patty assisted more than 400 people find jobs that fit their needs and interests, matching them with a good employer so they thrive and be successful.

Following her graduation from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in parks, recreation and leisure studies with an emphasis on therapeutic recreation, Patty worked for Fairview Hospital for seven years as a therapeutic recreational specialist on different mental health units providing recreation programming for patients. She then worked as a qualified rehabilitation consultant helping injured workers return to work.  After having her second child, Patty stayed home for a few years before returning to the workforce in 2006 with ESR, which merged with Rise in 2019.

“I have been so blessed in this job and have really enjoyed working at Rise with team members who are committed to the mission, professional, and very helpful,” said Patty.

“The most personally rewarding aspect of my career is having the opportunity to help someone figure out his or her career path and then create and develop jobs that fit their specific interests and needs,” she continued.

“Even after several years, many people are in their same job or they got a better job after gaining experience from the job I originally helped them find and/or are working in their ‘dream job.’  I love to see people’s successes and am proud to be a part of that.”

Patty’s retirement plans include being an “at-home grandma” for her five-year-old grandson, Bennett, who is starting kindergarten.  “Depending on what happens with school this year, I will either be taking him to school or I will be his teacher and lunch lady!  My husband Dan and I love traveling so after the COVID crisis, we will continue on.  I have four more states to travel to to reach all 50, so that’s my goal!

“I have been so blessed in my career,” Patty added.  “I really enjoyed 14 great years of assisting and serving others.  It wasn’t without challenges or difficulties, but overall, it was a wonderful experience and I am grateful to have worked for ESR and Rise.”

This article appears in the September 2020 issue of the Rise Reporter.

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