Leadership LynnNoren0819

Lynn Noren

President & CEO

Leadership TimDickie 4173 Cropped

Tim Dickie

Chief Program Officer

Leadership TomHaglund 4206 Cropped

Tom Haglund

Chief Financial Officer

Leadership NoelMcCormick 4132 Cropped

Noel McCormick

Vice President of Advancement

Leadership ErinBraaten 4157 Cropped

Erin Braaten

Vice President of Human Resources

Rise Board of Directors

Leadership Kathy Klang New Headshot

Kathy Klang
Chair, Minneapolis

Leadership Manfred Tatzmann 1

Manfred Tatzmann
Vice Chair, Brooklyn Park

Leadership Rachael Smith 1

Rachael Smith
Secretary, Champlin

Leadership Andrea Murphy

Andrea Murphy
Treasurer, Champlin

Leadership Mark Bergmann 1

Mark Bergmann

Leadership Blake Elliott 1

Blake Elliott
St. Paul

Leadership Jon Grunewald 1

Jon Grunewald
Elk River

Leadership Kristin Hangebrauck 1

Kristin Hangebrauck
St. Louis Park

Leadership AnneHolock2

Anne Holoch


Leadership Lauri Hopkins 1

Lauri Hopkins
Lino Lakes

Leadership Susan Langfeldt 1

Susan Langfeldt
Deer Park, Wis.

Leadership Sheila Minske 1

Sheila Minske

Leadership Kelly headshot

Kelly Steffens
Prior Lake

Rise Strategic Leadership Team

Leadership judy

Judy Andersen
Director of Adult Day Programs

Leadership Ryan

Ryan Nelson
Director of Transportation

Leadership Jodi

Jodi Blume
Senior Director of Community Integration and Life Enrichment Programs

Leadership KrisObert0919

Kris Oberg
Director of Employment & Day Services-Washington County

Leadership Mike

Mike Harper
Director of Programs and Services – Central Minnesota

Leadership Reedy

Robert Reedy

Senior Director of Vocational Services

Leadership Keith

Keith Hovland
Director of CBTE & Supported Employment Teams

Leadership Becky

Becky Rother
Director of Quality Assurance

Leadership Dan

Dan Meyers
Director of Vocational Evaluation and Transition

Leadership Jamie

Jamie Smith
Director of Information Technology

Leadership Michele

Michele Morris
Director of Industrial Services

Leadership Natalie Zacharias

Natalie Zacharias
Director of  Day and Supported Employment Services, Rise Coon Rapids

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