Center-Based Employment

Jobs and vocational services at a Rise location

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What is center-based

Our center-based employment strategies provide the opportunity for people to work at a Rise production location with the support of Rise staff.

This program might be a good fit for you if you are not interested in community employment or are unsure about your employment preferences, while still earning an income. In center-based employment, Rise provides extra levels of support and structure beyond what you would find in a community job.

We have center-based employment programs at our Spring Lake Park, Oakdale, and New Richmond locations.

Key Features

  • Work at a Rise location with the support of Rise staff
  • Person-centered career planning
  • A supportive setting for acquiring on-the-job experience

How to Apply

Rise is not currently taking referrals for center-based employment. View our full programs page to find an appropriate program for you.  Or join our email list for updates about this and other Rise programs.

Steps in Application

Step 1

Identify the correct program for you

Consider your funding source, transportation options, staff ratio, and program activities.

Step 2

Reach out to the program manager to schedule a tour

Visit the location and learn more about the program.

Step 3

Fill out your application

Each program has it’s own application that the program manager can provide for you.

Program Locations

Rise Spring Lake Park

Spring Lake Park, MN

Rise Oakdale

Oakdale, MN

Rise New Richmond

New Richmond, WI