Let us take the guesswork out of Ticket to Work for you!


What is the SSA’s Ticket to Work Program?

The Ticket to Work (TTW) Program is one of many work incentive programs sponsored by the Social Security Administration (SSA). It is an employment program for people with disabilities who are interested in going to or returning to work.

TTW is part of the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999. This legislation was designed to remove many of the barriers that in the past prompted some people to opt out of work due to concerns over losing their health care coverage.

The goal of the TTW program is to offer SSI/SSDI beneficiaries more choices for supports when they are ready to find employment.

SSA provides Disability beneficiaries with information about the TTW program and how they can use their Ticket to obtain the services they need to find employment from one of the many organizations called Employment Networks (ENs).

ENs provide a variety of customized services that support the beneficiary in returning to work. When a beneficiary begins working, the EN can collect payments when the beneficiary reaches Trial Work Level (TWL) amounts and/or Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) amounts.


Rise will manage the TTW details for your agency

Many agencies are interested in the TTW program, but don’t have the time or resources to manage the detailed paperwork required by the SSA.

Rise has a dedicated staff member who can help you in many ways as well as keep you up-to-date on all TTW policies and procedures and other pertinent information.

Rise only gets paid if you get paid. We charge your agency a small percentage to cover our administrative costs.


There are many benefits to joining Rise’s Midwest Ticket to Work Partnership

Rise can assist your agency in several ways, including:

  • Providing assistance and feedback as to how to fill out the Individual Work Plan (IWP)
  • Handling additional paperwork once your IWP is completed
  • Sending monthly email updates to managers of the Midwest TTW Partnership agencies
  • Accessing and keeping you apprised the assignment status of your beneficiaries’ Tickets
  • Providing training, technical assistance, and consultation to support your agency’s performance and compliance with all relevant SSA Ticket to Work policies
  • At the request of the beneficiary, unassigning Tickets