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Programs & Services

Minnesota Employment Center

Offering customized employment and job placement services for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

The Minnesota Employment Center (MEC) for People Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing provides comprehensive employment services which enable people to achieve their career goals, increase their self-sufficiency, and lead self-determined lives in the community. 

MEC is expanding its services in the coming year beyond the Twin Cities metropolitan area to six Greater Minnesota areas: Duluth, Faribault/Mankato, St. Cloud, Moorhead, the northern Arrowhead region near Virginia, and southwestern Minnesota near Marshall. Here is a video which gives additional information. 

Job Placement

MEC assists people who are Deaf or hard of hearing overcome barriers to employment and find jobs well-matched to their skills and interests with these services:

* Pre-employment evaluations and assessments
* Career planning and goal-setting
* Teaching networking and job-searching skills
* Finding suitable job leads and connecting employers with skilled candidates
* Developing resumes and cover letters
* Completing job applications
* Conducting mock interviews
* Public transportation training

Job Coaching

MEC occupational communication specialists are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). They provide no-cost, on-the-job training and support to both the new employee and employer with:

* On- and off-site job coaching
* Problem-solving on employment- related issues
* Self-advocacy activities and resources
* Developing communication
* Information about adaptive communication devices
* Meeting regularly with employer and employee to help set goals and discuss workplace situations

Job Retention and Job Advancement

MEC staff will assist an employee in maintaining and advancing in the job by offering:

* Deaf culture awareness training for supervisors and co-workers
* Facilitation of natural job supports
* Development of effective communication options
* Continued career planning
* Ongoing support to assist in career satisfaction and advancement

People using MEC’s customized employment and job placement services work in a variety of companies throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area, including retail stores, child care centers, restaurants, manufacturing businesses, offices, and hospitality venues.

MEC is offered in collaboration with:
* Lifetrack Resources, Inc. (
* Minnesota Rehabilitation Services (
* Rise (
* VECTOR/School District 287 (