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Art Speaks

For many of us, including people who have a disability, expressing one’s self can be a challenge. When words fail, it can be valuable -- even life-changing -- to find other creative means of expression.

“Art has made me feel free from this wheelchair - the art helps me to forget my problems.”
~~ Nathaniel James, artist

Many of the people participating in Art Speaks have severe physical, developmental, traumatic brain injury, and emotional disabilities. The Art Speaks program complements other therapeutic and habilitative services people receive. 

The process of creating art provides opportunities for self-expression. The art therapist guides participants and encourages them to speak out through art in a wide range of media. Through art classes and exhibitions, participants experience the opportunity to find their voice and share it with others. Creating art also promotes problem-solving and develops decision-making skills.

Artists participating in Art Speaks display their artwork in public, private, and corporate sites throughout the Twin Cities area. Posters of artists’ work are available for a minimal donation, with all proceeds going directly to support the Art Speaks program. We invite you to partner with Rise in supporting Art Speaks by hosting an art exhibit, purchasing artwork, or making a donation to enable people to participate in this special art program.

For more information about Art Speaks, check out this article from the March 2016 issue of the Rise Reporter. 

“Being able to be an artist makes me proud. I enjoy the process of making art. When people respond to my artwork, it makes me joyful.”
~~ Chris Yankovec, artist