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We'd like you to meet Shawn Lovejoy

With his booming voice and signature purple or pink polo shirt, Shawn Lovejoy is hard to miss in a crowd. Yet the one thing that makes Shawn stand out even more is his outgoing and uplifting personality.

“I’m basically a happy-go-lucky, positive kind of guy,” said Shawn. “Even though I was dealt a hard blow, I try to make others smile.”

Back in 1988, Shawn was a junior at the University of Minnesota, “loving life on campus,” and hoping to get into the U’s Carlson School of Management so he could fulfill his dream of being…

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Cory puts his great people skills to work at Coborn's

Cory Frank's career exploration started seven years ago when he attended a vocational skills training program at Ridgewater College in Willmar for people with disabilities. The program helped Cory hone his job skills to secure a competitive job. 

During the program, he had the opportunity to experience different kinds of work, including vacuuming cars at an oil change shop and stocking shelves in the cold area at a local supermarket. After he completed the training program, he washed dishes at a local restaurant and collected shopping…

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We'd like you to meet Hilary Lowell

“Writing is cathartic for me,” said Hilary Lowell. “It gives me great joy to be able express myself -- my feelings about people important in my life, my injury. My poetry gives me a voice.”

A well-educated and published author, Hilary suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2006 at the age of 41 when she hit her head on an cast iron radiator during an epileptic seizure. Two months later, she suffered a stroke and was in a coma for two weeks before awakening.

“I had no memory of anything and the only word I could say at first…

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We'd like you to meet Chantilly Lynch by Michael Sack

When Chantilly Lynch graduated from Minneapolis South High School in 1995, she was not exactly sure what she wanted to do next. To discover her job interests, Chantilly had the opportunity to train and work in several clerical jobs at community businesses through her school district's Transition Plus program. Chantilly said she "really enjoyed exploring many different clerical positions."

For the next several years, Chantilly worked at three different locations in downtown Minneapolis.She came to Rise's Creative Partnerships South in…

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