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We'd like you to meet Erik Lindman

Erik Lindman is a man on the move at Creative Partnerships North in Crystal where he has received day training and habilitation…

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We'd like you to meet Hilary Lowell

“Writing is cathartic for me,” said Hilary Lowell. “It gives me great joy to be able express myself -- my feelings about people important in my life, my injury. My poetry gives me a voice.”

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We'd like you to meet Lyle Wedebrand

To say that Lyle Wedebrand has worked in a number of companies throughout his 23 years at Rise is an understatement. But unlike some people who tend to job-hop, Lyle moves around a lot because he's good at what he does and Rise production site managers appreciate having him on their team.

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Pierre & Riziki are filled with hope for a new life in the U.S.

HAVING LIVED IN various refugee camps throughout Africa since he was a child, Pierre Gatera dreamed of offering his three children a better life – one of hope, security, and accomplishment.  

Pierre’s parents escaped Burundi to Rwanda where they lived as refugees until 1994. Born in Rwanda in 1975 as a refugee, Pierre and his birth family escaped from Rwanda back to their native country of Burundi when war broke out in 1994. Continually fleeing from rebel fighters, Pierre moved to Nairobi, Kenya, in 1997, and finally to the Kakuma Refugee…

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