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More than 180 people help create mosaic

A COLLECTIVE ‘WOW!!’ was heard at the recent unveiling on February 14 of a most spectacular collaborative Art for All project. The expansive five-piece mosaic display stretches down the hallway leading to the production floor at Rise’s Spring Lake Park administrative offices. It was created by people served at Rise, team members, and community volunteers who invested more than 400 hours over the past few months.

“We know that this beautiful and unifying piece of art will ‘lift’ spirits and inspire hope for everyone here at Rise for…

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Grant helps expand placement services for people with significant challenges

“MY ULTIMATE DREAM JOB would be working for a sports organization doing data entry or communications,” said Michael Sack, who currently works as a data entry clerk for Rise’s Data Ability program in Bloomington. 

Michael is one of several job-seekers receiving customized career planning and competitive job placement services made possible through a special grant from the Greater Twin Cities United Way. This funding is specifically for people served in Rise’s day training and habilitation (DT&H) programs.

“The people served…

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Let your voices be heard during this Minnesota legislative session!

The 2017 Legislative Session is underway!  This is a very important year to pass legislation related to services for people who have disabilities. Rise President Lynn Noren like to share a few key priorities and ask for your support in helping us advocate for legislation that has been introduced this session. Unlike most businesses in our community, Rise’s funding and resources are dependent on action of the Minnesota Legislature.  We need your help to tell our story and help ensure funding remains in place for the people we serve. 


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The sky's the limit for LSG Sky Chefs workers

When Natoli Bulga moved his family almost 8,000 miles from Ethiopia to Minnesota, his hopes were high and his dreams were big. He knew the transition to this new life would be challenging, but Natoli felt his family’s future would be brighter in the United States.

Knowing that having a good job was key to the family’s survival and assimilation into American culture, Natoli went to Rise’s Pathways program in South Minneapolis for career planning and job placement services. In meeting with Employment Counselor Mohamed Daher, Natoli was…

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